About Us

Coupilia was created in early 2012 by a couple of seasoned Entrepreneurs with vast experience in the coupon, marketing and service verticals. They had a vision to build a robust coupon aggregation solution, at an affordable price, for Publishers of all sizes. Having built and managed numerous coupon sites themselves, one dating back to 2003, they knew exactly what was needed to create the best JSON/ XML coupon feed in the industry.

Through the years, their team has always strived to perfect the process by constantly developing new tools for their Publishers, Merchants, OPMs and Staff. Coupilia continues to expand their reach by adding new merchants to their platform daily. To date, they have successfully integrated 24 Affiliate Networks worldwide helping over 10,000 Merchants distribute their promotional data to their Affiliate partners. All these efforts have instilled confidence in their large and growing Publisher base who rely on Coupilia for their coupon content and affiliate marketing expertise.

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