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Plus Plans offer the ability to add merchants in blocks of 500.

  • All Subscription Plus Plans keep 100% of commissions earned.

Coupilia Plus was specifically designed for niche sites and sites that need a flexible, low-cost, JSON or XML coupon solution combined with the quality of a professional coupon feed.

Who should use this feed

  • Bloggers with niche coupon verticals.
  • Coupon & Loyalty sites with limited merchant relationships.
  • Software applications
  • Browser Extensions
  • Mobile Apps

Feed Quality

While the Coupilia Plus Plan is our entry level feed, the offers are no different than those in our most expensive plan, just the quantity of the merchants.

Our Plus feed offers clean, vetted coupon data via XML or JSON that has been scrubbed of errors and missing content. Our feed is not filled with marketing fluff that pollutes your site and makes finding useful coupons that your visitors can use cumbersome. In a nutshell, our feed offers the coupons your customers are looking for.

Plus Plan Features

  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • One Domain (additional site license $199)
  • Merchant Blocks of 500
  • United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Feed API
  • United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
  • XML / JSON Format
  • Coupons
  • Deals / Price Drops
  • Rebates
  • Sales
  • Shipping Offers
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Holiday Specific Offers
  • Category Offers
  • Merchant Metadata
  • Merchant Logos (one-time set up fee of $199)
  • Incremental / Full Updating
  • Multiple Network Support
  • No Contract Required
  • Email / Phone Support


Publishers can subscribe to the following countries.

  • United States  $499 (per 500 merchants)
  • United Kingdom  $499 (per 500 merchants)
  • Australia  $499 (for all merchants)
  • Canada  $249 (for all merchants)

Plus Plan Add-Ons

  • 120 * 60 logos available for a one-time set-up fee of $199.
  • Additional Site License - $199
  • Local Deals available. US only - $249

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Plus plan have a merchant cap?

No, you can subscribe in blocks of 500 merchants for US and UK. You can subscribe to AU and CA as an entire country.

Do I get to choose my 500 merchants or are they selected for me?

Plus subscribers can choose merchants in the countries they subscribed to. The merchants can be from different categories or affiliate networks, in blocks of 500.

Is there a difference in the quality of the feed?

No, the Plus feed pulls from the same database as our Pro and Enterprise plans. There is no difference in the data recordset.

Can I change my merchants after I select them?

Yes, you have the flexibility to change your merchants at any time but new content won't be available until the next billing cycle if you have maximized your merchant selection and have already pulled the coupon data for said merchants.


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