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Coupilia Pro Rev Share allows you to monetize every merchant in the United States,Canada, United Kingdom and Australia using Coupilia's Sub Affiliate Network. You can choose to with one or all of these counties and you'll receive ALL the merchants we have available for each.

  • With the Coupilia Plus Rev Share plan, commissions earned are split 75/25.
  • Tracking, Reporting and Payments are provided by Coupilia.
  • A Pro Subscription is required.

Why go Rev Share Pro? Because you have an online Coupon Website, Blog, Mobile App or Shopping Comparison Application and you know that you should be focused on promoting and growing your business, not on uploading, scrubbing and verifying coupons. Coupilia Pro is a professional coupon feed for serious Publishers that do not want to spend the time or resources applying and maintaining Merchant relationships.

Who should use this feed

  • Coupon Sites, Mobile Apps, Shopping Apps or Blogs with good traffic in the US, CA, UK or AU.
  • Coupon Sites, Mobile Apps, Shopping Apps or Blogs with limited or no merchant relationships.
  • Coupon Sites, Mobile Apps, Shopping Apps or Blogs with limited or no employees dedicated to aggregating coupon content.

Feed Quality

Our Pro feed offers clean, vetted coupon data via XML or JSON that has been scrubbed of errors and missing content. Our feed is not filled with marketing fluff that pollutes your site and makes finding useful coupons that your visitors can use cumbersome. Our feed offers the coupons you need to run a successful site and the coupons your customers are looking for.

While the Coupilia Rev Share Pro plan is comparable to our Pro Subscription some merchants may not allow sub-affiliates or they may require individual approval so the two feeds can vary. However, if the merchant is in the Rev Share Pro feed, the offers are no different than the offers in our Subscription Pro feed.

Pro Plan Features

  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • One Domain (additional site license $299)
  • United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Feed API
  • United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
  • XML / JSON Format
  • Coupons
  • Deals/Price Drops
  • Rebates
  • Sales
  • Shipping Offers
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Holiday Specific Offers
  • Category Offers
  • Merchant Metadata
  • Merchant Logos (one-time setup fee of $499)
  • Incremental / Full Updating
  • Multiple Network Support
  • No Contract Required
  • Email / Phone Support


  • Our Rev Share split is 75/25 (you get the 75).

Publishers can subscribe to the following countries and receive all available merchants we have available for that in that country.

  • United States & Canada - $1499
  • United Kingdom - $999
  • Australia - $249
  • Canada - $199

Pro Plan Add-Ons

  • 120 * 60 logos available for a one-time set-up fee of $499.
  • Additional Site License - $299
  • Local Deals available. US only - $249

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Pro plan have a merchant cap?

No, you have access to unlimited merchants in our sub affiliate network in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia depending on the Subscription plan you choose. Coupilia adds new merchants to our feed nearly daily and there is no additional charge for these merchants as they are added.


Free Trial

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