Services Overview

Coupilia is a tool provider that supplies an automated, extremely clean and reliable JSON/XML coupon feed for Affiliates. We have integrated and standardized the data and process from 24 networks worldwide helping over 10,000 Merchants distribute their promotional data to their Publishers.

Coupilia's technology significantly reduces the time it takes to upload promotions to an Affiliate's website, blog or app. We can distribute thousands of offers in seconds vs. the traditional cutting and pasting of promotional data delivered via merchant newsletters. Using our service allows Publishers to focus their efforts on growing their business while saving them substantial resources aggregating and cleansing the data from multiple networks and merchants.

Data Cleansing

Coupilia's Data Engineers clean, edit, rank and categorize every offer while ensuring they are grammatically correct with no spelling errors. We also verify the affiliate link is not broken and it lands on the appropriate page.


Our clients generate tens of millions of impressions and millions of clicks per month for our Merchant partners. We work with top coupon sites, industry leading blogs, mobile application developers, social networks and shopping comparison apps. Coupilia provides a strong US Merchant/Affiliate base combined with a rapidly expanding International presence.


All Subscription Affiliates must have established Merchant relationships in the Affiliate Networks. The Publisher supplies their own Affiliate IDs to Coupilia and we then insert that ID into the corresponding coupon links. In turn, the Publisher will earn commissions from sales they generate using the data supplied in our JSON or XML feed.

If you provide your API keys for each Affiliate Network, we can use our Merchant Match technology to instantly match and sync your Merchant relationships with ours.

Publishers pay a monthly Subscription fee for the service and earn 100% of the Advertiser commission.

Rev Share

Coupilia's Sub-Affiliate Network works with a select group of rev share partners, vetted by the Affiliate Networks as well as our compliance team. Publishers are able to monetize Coupilia's Merchant relationships and we share in the revenue using Coupilia's Affiliate IDs. All sales tracking, reporting and payments are provided by Coupilia. A subscription to a pro or enterprise plan is required.

Coupilia values our Merchant relationships and we are committed to protecting the Advertiser's Brand and Affiliate Program by providing transparency to all our partners. We screen every Publisher and only approve quality sites, blogs or apps and require them to adhere to strict guidelines for content and traffic.

More Details

Merchant approval may be required.


The Hybrid plan combines our Subscription and Sub-Affiliate platforms allowing you to monetize both your merchant relationships and ours.

Publishers that have established Merchant relationships will monetize the coupon data using their own Affiliate IDs and will receive 100% of the commission. A subscription to a pro or enterprise plan is required.

Publishers can also select from Merchants they don't have a current relationship with using our Sub-Affiliate Network to monetize the coupon content provided using Coupilia's Affiliate IDs (75/25 split).

More Details

Merchant approval may be required.


Coupilia inserts your Affiliate ID into the coupon link and you earn 100% of the commission.

Rev Share

Use Coupilia's Sub-Affiliate Network and Affiliate IDs to monetize our merchant relationships. Merchant approval may be required.

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